Living Gluten Free

Breakfast can be a bit more of a challenge for those who are gluten sensitive. Mostly because gluten free cereals have not been as widely available but recently there's a much wider variety on the market.

Here are some good choices.

Weekday Breakfast Option No. 1

Cereal with Milk (or Yogurt) and a piece of Fruit

Cereals should have about 100 - 150 calories in a serving.

1/2 cup of skim or 1% milk is great. Using a half cup of non-fat yogurt is even better.

Cereal Amount per serving Comment
Rice Chex 1 cup (30 grams)
Corn Chex 1/2 cup (45 grams)
Nature's Path WholeO's 1 cup
Nature's Path Corn Flakes 1 cup
Nature's Path Organic Millet Rice 1 cup (30 grams)
Arrowhead Mills Maple Buckwheat Flakes 1 cup (31 grams)
EnviroKidz Koala Crisp 1 cup (52 grams) Not frosted

A word about Cereal Bars: There are gluten free cereal bars on the market but these are for emergencies only. Eating a granola bar is not a good substitute for a real breakfast. Many of them have a lot of added calories (usually as sugar).

Weekday Breakfast Option No. 2

Breads and Protein and a piece of Fruit

Breads should be served with a protein. Select one from the bread choices, one topping for your bread, and one choice from the protein list.

Bread Choices

Breads Amount Comment
Slice Toast One Bread Mixes
Gluten Free Pantry Favorite Sandwich Bread mix
Bob's Red Mill Hearty Whole Grain Bread mixBreads
Whole Foods Prairie Bread
Food For Life Brown Rice Bread
Food For Life Rice Almond Bread
Food For Life Rice Pecan Bread
Food For Life Millet Bread
Bagel 1/2 large bagel Udi's Gluten Free Bagels
Frozen Waffles One Van's All Natural Wheat Free Gourmet Waffles
Lifestream Wildberry Gluten Free Toaster Waffles
Kinnikinnick Homestyle Waffles

Toppings and Spreads for Breads

Spreads (Choose one) Amount Comment
Unsalted Butter 1 tsp.
Peanut Butter (no salt or sugar added) 2 Tbsp.
Hummus 2 Tbsp. Check for salt content
Preserves or Jam 2 tsp. Look for "low-sugar"
Reduced-fat Cream Cheese 2 tsp. The "light" cream cheese is best for spreading.
Syrup or honey 2 tsp. and 1 tablespoon Topping for pancakes or waffles only

Protein Choices

Protein Amount Comment
1 Large Egg One Cook in as little fat as possible.
Peanut Butter 2 Tablespoons Use instead of other spreads.
Low-fat cheese 1/2 ounce
2%, 1% or Skim Milk 1/2 cup
Non-fat Yogurt 1 cup Choose yogurt with no added sugar

Weekend Breakfast Options

On weekends you can eat the same breakfast as you do during the week, or try one of the following recipes:

Toasted Oatmeal
Home Fries
Yam Home Fries
Asparagust Fritatta
Creole Fritatta
Scrambled Eggs
Southwestern Fritatta
Zucchini Chevre Fritatta
Strawberry Banana Smoothie