Dr. Harlan told me of the danger of my weight and that I needed to change my eating habits and lose weight. I went to the Dr.Gourmet web site and picked a meal plan that I liked. The next day I started and have followed the food and exercise plan for 15 months and have lost 47 pounds. I feel good. A lot of the foods I was eating that were bad for me I don't miss or want anymore. I went from a 38 waist to 33 waist. Just remember - you have to change your eating habits but you have to exercise too and believe in yourself. If I can do it, anyone can. I am 66 years young and enjoy life and am on the go.

- Jerry McD.

I stumbled upon Dr. Gourmet after visiting my own doctor for my annual checkup. Being a woman over 50, my 'numbers' had been creeping up, and I tried dieting and wasn't able to change the numbers very much. I was looking at high LDL, low HDL, prediabetes, and a BMI that listed me as obese. I got the "it's time for medication" speech from my doctor, and I knew that I had to do what I could before giving in to that option.

I love food. I love to cook. I was tired of food being the enemy when I was dieting. So I did an internet search for "gourmet eating on diet" and found The Dr. Gourmet diet plan. My doctor wanted to follow up with me in three months, not really thinking I could do much to alter my numbers. I followed the Mediterranean Diet on the site and chose recipes that were tailored for diabetics. I ate well for three months, and at my followup, my cholesterol had dropped into a healthy range, my blood sugar level was perfectly normal, and I lost 26 pounds. Most important, I finally found a way of eating that is doable, enjoyable, sustainable, and frankly delicious! Because my grandmother and her six sisters all died of heart disease, I don't feel I'm being dramatic in saying that the Dr. Gourmet Diet Plan saved my life!

- Nancy S.

For years I have been struggling with the right formula, the right attitude and the right protocol to follow to get to where I need - both health-based as well as image. My session with Dr. Gourmet proved to be the answer. With a healthy dose of “get to exercising” and another dose of “change your diet just a bit” I was well on my way. Within three months, six days a week of exercise (on treadmill to the tune of 2.5 miles per day in 30 minutes) and a redirect of my diet (no sodas, diet or otherwise, no fried foods, lots of vegetables and ONLY red wine when I wanted to imbibe), I went from 172 lbs to my current weight of 157 pounds. And I feel terrific.

- Mark R.

My husband had a heart attack at age 55. He looked like the picture of health and we thought we were eating a healthy diet so we were very surprised when this happened. He had a blockage in an artery. The doctors were able to put in a stent to correct the problem, but after the procedure he developed a blood clot in his thigh. He spent twelve days in the hospital. He was placed on Coumadin and a very limited sodium diet. I was searching and praying for help when I "stumbled upon" Dr. Gourmet’s website.

I give God the glory because otherwise I would never have found such wonderful help. Dr. Gourmet shared recipes that told sodium content, caloric content, and what was alright to eat while taking Coumadin. What a relief! I was already stressed and this took such a load off knowing someone had already done the research. I thanked God each day for such wonderful help. If I had questions all I had to do was look it up! I have since that time shared this website with many others.

That has been 4 years ago now. My husband is doing very well. His weight, cholesterol, etc. is very good. He continues to lead a very busy life. Thank you Dr. Gourmet for the wonderful help!

- Leah O.

We are happier and healthier having been on The Dr. Gourmet Diet Plan for the past two months. We have truly changed our lifestyle with no pain. It has come easily to us. The food is flavorful and satisfying. I have learned that I can cook with less oil and less salt and the food comes out even better. Friends and family have said that they feel they enjoy the food just for the flavor and the fact it is good for you is a bonus!

Mother never believed that she could like salmon. We first fell in love with the Parmesan Crust recipe . . . but the Maple Glazed Salmon with Red Lentils has become a favorite. They are easy and so good. We not only are eating salmon regularly (try to go for the twice a week) . . . but actually look forward to the meal!

- Julia G.

Meal planning makes a difference in my time & money. I also enjoy my meals more. No stress - I know what we are having before I get home. ...My labs are better already!

- Mary D.