Cucumbers in Yogurt with Mint



Serving size

about 1 cup
30 Minutes

This recipe can be multiplied or divided by 2 but does not make very good leftovers.

Cucumbers in Yogurt with Mint


4 medium Cucumber
1 cup Nonfat Greek Yogurt
1 Large Shallots, raw (minced)
1/4 cup Fresh mint
1/4 tsp. Salt
1 to taste Black pepper


Peel the cucumbers and then slice in half lengthwise. Scrape the seeds out of the center. Using a grater coarsely shred the cucumber.

After it is shredded place the cucumber in your hands and squeeze gently over the sink to remove excess water.

Combine the shredded cucumber, yogurt, shallot, mint, salt and pepper. Fold together and chill.

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GERD / Acid Reflux

This recipe contains GERD triggers and those with GERD may wish to avoid it.


Avoid this recipe if you are lactose intolerant.

Coumadin® (Warfarin)

This recipe is safe for Coumadin (warfarin) users.

Gluten Sensitivity

This recipe is safe for those who are sensitive to gluten. Check for modified food starch in yogurt.


This is a low sodium recipe.

Recipe Notes

This is a take on the Turkish yogurt and cucumber. Think of this as cucumber and yogurt. I much prefer the latter as the cool cucumber and mint is well complemented by the yogurt and I like this more equal balance.

"If someone offers you a breath mint, accept it."

H. Jackson Brown, Jr., Author