Cooking Equipment

The right tool for the job is the key to success. Cooking healthy food is no exception, and this section has information on some of the right tools for making your healthy recipes.

More Information


  • Between brands, is there much difference in quality of cast iron skillets?
  • What temperatures should be used with non-stick skillets for cooking eggs?
  • What do you like or dislike about the following cookware choices?

Food Safety

  • Do peach pits really contain cyanide?
  • Is it safe to eat from unopened jars of caviar that are five years old?
  • How long should I keep chipotles in adobo?
  • Should I throw this balsamic vinegar away?
  • Should I throw this chili away?
  • Should I avoid eating canned tuna every day for lunch?
  • Is the ethylene gas that is used to ripen tomatoes quickly in supermarkets safe?
  • How long can I keep baked Mac n Cheese in the refrigerator?
  • Is it safe to eat the un-moldy part of an opened can of tomato paste?
  • How can I avoid E-Coli on fruits and vegetables?

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